From Freezeland to Misty Trees, We Wanted to See the Clouds Beyond Toy Town

by mountaintops.

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"From Freezeland to Misty Trees, We Wanted to See the Clouds Beyond Toy Town" is a release that was written between 2010 and 2011, and was first supposed to come out in late 2013, after the release of "The Mare In The Moon".

All tracks are in their original demo forms, composed in FL Studio. The songs were meant to be transcribed to guitar and bass, and to be recorded with a full band set up afterwards.

"Gatomon Smile" is the only song that was never pre-composed in FLS (other than the drum track). The version presented is a rough demo of how the final song would have been.

Between "Freezeland" and "Gatomon", there were plans to include a track called "Hikarigaoka." which would use the base melody from "Hikarigaoka. (Four Years)" in an acoustic form, to end in a noise, feedback-driven, 10 minute (or so) track. This one was never recorded.

All songs were to include lyrics, but other than "Gatomon", they were never recorded, and somewhat lost. The version of "Patamon & Gomamon" included here is the original vocal-free FLS song, different from the one released in 2011.

The FLS file for "Hikarigaoka. (Four Years)" was lost around 2012, subsequently making the track a nightmare to re-record again. The version used here is a mp3-sourced version from 2010.


released March 4, 2016

Composed & recorded between 2010-2011.



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